Why are you called Bogeyno2 is a question I am often asked (in addition to what anti-ageing cream I use – the answer is none – yet!)  

So why call it Bogeyno2 i hear you ask? Well the reason is threefold:

(1) My nickname/internet identity is bogeyno2 so i thought it would add kudos to the bogeyno2 brand (oh yes, its a brand!)

(2) Strictly speaking, I don’t really like the term Bollywood and prefer to call it the Hindi film industry but sadly, the name Bollywood has stuck, so although my blog is about all things Bollywood, I wanted a name that would have Bollywood in its identity without actually being called Bollywood (erm..)

(3) Though the blog will mainly be about Bollywood, it will also from time to time include entries about other things that interest me like fashion, books, writing and general episodes from my life, and bogeyno2 seems the right name to encapsulate that!

Happy reading!



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