Opinion: What’s Blog Got To Do With It? with @BollyBrit – Part One #bollywood

In the final segment of my series What’s Blog Got To Do With It, I asked the wonderful @BollyBrit for his take on the world of blogging today.

I love how BollyBrit, BethLovesBolly and GetFilmy have each given distinct answers, yet all have a common thread – that blogging remains relevant today, albeit in an evolving form and that when it comes to Hindi cinema at least, what’s blog got to do with it? A whole lot actually! Over to BollyBrit…

What do you love about blogging for Hindi cinema?

What’s not to love? It gives common folk like myself a voice and if we’re lucky, be heard by the right people. A lot of filmmakers pay keen attention to what bloggers are saying and I definitely feel this affects the quality of the films they produce. I’ve watched Hindi films ever since I was a kid and was on board with all their ‘dramebaazi’ even before it was considered hip and trendy. Blogging has made it possible for me to share these views with a wider audience across the globe without being restricted to just my friends and family.

Is the blogging scene for Hindi cinema even relevant any more?
Most definitely, yes. There’s only so much you can share on a social media outlet and when these outlets themselves are increasingly giving more importance to revenue and advertising, what better place to make your views public than on a platform that you manage yourself? Regardless of what they say, stars, producers, directors are very digital media savvy, and they pay close attention to what’s being said by reviewers that aren’t paid to fudge their reviews and opinions.

How have trolls/super fans/camps affected blogging?
It’s very easy to get disheartened by trolls and super fans. I got massive lip for an article about Kareena Kapoor I’d posted here or my piece on Juhi + Madhuri on Koffee with Karan. The trolls and fans will hound you and initially I used to get massively affected by it, but what’s there to be afraid of? These days people hide behind an avatar and abuse you; I’d have more respect if you revealed your identity and disagreed with what I was saying – that’s what healthy debate is about. Haters gonna hate. ☺

Does the film industry recognise/utilise the presence of blogging effectively?
It’s starting to -stars are more media savvy. For example, I firmly believe Deepika Padukone’s Piku sailed through at the box office, because she spent a lot of time retweeting blogger reviews. She has a reach of 11 million and she got her target audience. The film was a multiplex film, and multiplex audiences pay more attention to social media than say people in smaller towns and villages. You’ll even find that during film promotions, the stars are more patient with bloggers than they used to be. Why do you think that is?

Which blogs do you read regularly and why? Any recommendations?
BollyBrit.com. Was that a trick question? And you should too! ☺

What do you think the future of blogging holds?
It still has a future. Working in digital media myself, I feel that social media is heading for burnout as they try and keep themselves going with more and more advertising. Too much of anything is overkill. I do feel that blogging is easier to do now than it was ever before and there will always be some kind of reach for your opinions to be heard, by the people that want to hear them. People always find what they’re looking for online. Our mentalities have changed as an audience. I don’t believe blogging is dead and I’m not just saying that.

Don’t miss the next installment when BollyBrit takes the 2015 Q +A!

You can follow @BollyBrit on Twitter here and check out his blog here.


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