Opinion: The World Of Bollywood Blogging – Part Three with Get Filmy – Career Clinic

For the third element of my What’s Blog Got To Do With It series, I thought it would be fun to see what advice our bloggers have for all our actresses and actors in a segment called Career Clinic.

Here is Get Filmy’s wonderful advice – take note superstars!

(You can catch Get Filmy’s Opinion post here and 2015 Q&A here)

Kareena Kapoor Khan – NO MORE ITEM SONGS


Kangana Ranut– Head in the clouds but feet on the GROUND dahling

Priyanka Chopra – After Quantico, I actually want to see more of her in Hollywood. Sign more stuff!

Deepika Padukone – My Queen, she is flawless and faultless – keep doing what you’re doing!

Alia Bhatt – Be careful not to get typecast as the “Dharma Girl”. Wanna see more like Highway.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Do more films! And the right ones, please no more Sanjay Frikkin’ Gupta.

Rani Mukerji – Well she’ll be on baby leave for a bit, but she’s too awesome an actress – I hope she gets back to acting in a year or two. Preferably not in YRF films.

Shraddha Kapoor – I think Shraddha is a cool cat. She keeps it quiet, she does her job, promotes her films effectively, signs the right ones – of the young lot, I think she’s the sharpest but perhaps the one who’s most underrated. I think she’ll go far.

Anushka Sharma – Produce more films! I LOVED NH10 and she was a total badass in it. I just love that she succeeded in picking up this project, backing it, seeing it through and making it a success.

Sonakshi Sinha– Yaaaar, tu kar kya rahi hai? Give us another Lootera. Forget the box office, forget masala, stop being a flowerpot, and sign some interesting scripts coz God knows you can definitely act. Stop wasting your talent.

Aamir Khan – Stop hogging all the credit for yourself on every film.

Salman Khan – Bajrangi Bhaijaan proved he can play a character as well as he can play himself. Do more of that.

Shah Rukh Khan – Please no more Farah Khan/Rohit Shetty stuff. We want to see you in power-packed, author-backed roles. More like Raees please.

Akshay Kumar – Lolz, Akki does his thing and coasts by. He’s so military in his approach, he just does his job and moves on. He’s a mid-range superstar and I think his only interest is in staying afloat. Only advice for now – do another Priyadarshan style comedy. It’s been a while.

Siddharth Malhotra – Haye, patidev. He just needs to be careful about the scripts he signs and be realistic about what he’s capable of. He’s not a good dancer and doesn’t have that much range as an actor – (it breaks my heart to say that, but it’s the truth). He needs strong scripts to see him through and for now I think he needs to play to his strengths (*cough* his good looks).

Varun Dhawan – Like Shraddha, he’s another sharp one. You wouldn’t think it, but his strategy is on point and this year he proved it by doing two diverse, successful films, and Dilwale still coming up. He’s a well-rounded commercial hero, I think he knows what’s up. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

John Abraham – Um, what? Who? why? Lolz – he should stick to producing. He’s an awesome producer, and though he’s good-looking, I don’t think anyone misses him on screen.

Abhishek Bachchan– *dies of heartbreak* – Please don’t let your insecurities get the better of you. He’s struggling and I honestly can’t think of what advice to give him other than maybe venture more into production because acting… ain’t happening.

Ranbir Kapoor – Oh my RK. So now we know he’s not invincible but I’m interested to see if he’ll continue to sink or bounce back higher after his infamous “bura waqt“. Tamasha is crucial, because if the combo of Deepika & Imtiaz don’t bring him back, I don’t know if anything can. I believe in his talent – he just needs to re-focus more on his career. Maybe not so many vacays with our lovely Katfish Bhabi.

Shahid Kapoor – He has my heart since Haider, and he’s FINALLY seeing some acche din, lolz. I hope this streak continues for a while, I hope Shandaar does well. He’s not a very smart chap, but when he’s good on screen, he’s so good. Again, keep diversifying – sign all kinds of films, don’t get stuck in an image.

Many thanks to Get Filmy for taking part  – you can follow Get Filmy on Twitter here

Don’t miss next week when my guest blogger will be the Rekha of blogging – Beth Watkins aka @BethLovesBolly!


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