Bollywood Quarterly: October – December 2014

Oh no, not another end of year write up that goes on forever!

After reading all those end of year posts Courtesy of:
After reading all those end of year posts…

Well, hold your broken horses dear reader, this isn’t strictly an end of year round up – it is more a reflection of the final quarter of 2014 that flew by a break neck speed and is mercifully short with all the bite (as I am sure all of this and more has already been said by wittier and better writers), so even more bang bang for your buck in a shorter post!

Bang bang ...wait, this isn't a Haider picture (
Bang bang …wait, this isn’t a Haider picture (

To be fair, there was only one highlight this quarter and that was Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider which can only be described as soul food – seriously, if you haven’t seen it, put it straight to the top of your viewing list and if you don’t like it, keep watching it because you clearly have a lot to learn!

Is there a drinking game for this film yet?  UTV Motion Pictures
Is there a drinking game for this film yet?
UTV Motion Pictures

The only other film of note was PK which sadly got punked Kanye  West style by Umesh Shukla’s OMG which did it first and much better. That’s not to say PK was awful – Aamir was back on form and it also marked the start of Anushka Sharma’s stellar line up of films. Also, neither film seemed to hit upon a decent title which was a shame but we shall overlook this, such is our magnanimity.

So, here is your must see list for Oct – Dec 2014:

Bismil brilliant.
Bismil brilliant.

Haider – Who knew Hamlet could be so amazing? Vishal Bhardwaj did, that’s who. Hands down best film of the year. See my review here.

January blues dispeller.
January blues dispeller.

Happy New Year – Watch for the Lovely song or at those raucous family gatherings where you need something to fill silences with when the conversation dims. See my review here.

Band Baja Baa - oh wait. UTV Motion Pictures
Band Baja Baa – oh wait.
UTV Motion Pictures

PK – Great special effects (no one seems to be talking about that – why?), good show of nearly everything by Aamir and some interesting points – worth watching. See my review here.

2014 Summary

So, if PK found his necklace and wanted some films to watch in the nude on the spaceship for “research”,  here are the five films from this year I would recommend (in no particular order mind and totes up to you if you watch them in the buff):

Lajpat Nagar.
Lajpat Nagar.

Queen – What a fabulous film that was a catharsis of sorts for Kangana and a fun journey for the audience. This film  will travel beyond 2014, simply marvellous. See my review here.


Haider – Every queen needs a Haider beside her. I can’t hate on anything in this film and I can barely remember the last time I felt that way – essential viewing. See my review here. (Yes, again, because it is THAT good).

I didn't want that journey to end either.
I didn’t want that journey to end either.

Highway – Talking of journeys, this was one that so nuanced and beautifully enacted, I felt like I was in the film. Alia Bhatt is definitely one to watch. See my review here.

Must watch.
Must watch.

Qissa: The Tale Of The Lonely Ghost – This has yet to have a general release but is one of the best films I have ever seen. I defy you to find fault with it. See my review here.

Mad for Mads.
Mad for Mads.

Dedh Ishqiya – This set the tone for 2014 with its other worldliness and I was totally smitten too by the gorgeous Begum Para. A classy follow up to a smart original. See my review here.


We now interrupt this quartely for an important announcement:


Sangdil sanam...kahan ho?
Sangdil sanam…kahan ho?




Our Twitter timelines are without colour, the box office fireworks are duller and our vocabulary is undernourished without his words.

If seen, approach with jellabis and heaps of praise – commercial Hindi cinema cannot survive another year without him.


In other news, “industry buzz” suggests this broad man  has something to do with the disappearance of Taz Uncle.


Watcha back beeyatch.
Watcha back beeyatch.


I can exclusively confirm though, that this is NOT the premise for Kahaani 2 – but might be a sub plot in Humshakals 2 which is surely being conceived somewhere to bring on the apocalypse.


Fashion Round Up – My favourite looks of the Quarter

Shraddha Kapoor in Shivan + Narresh

The big event this quarter was actually non-filmi – the marriage of Salman’s sister younger sister Arpita, which saw a Manish sequin palooza and of course, this heart warming image:

However, in fashion news, my favourite look was courtesy of  Shradda Kapoor at the reception back in Bombay.

So simple and pared back and not the usual bling fest we are all used to but then it is important to change it up every now and then and if you don’t need to hide behind glitz, you are doing something right. Good going S!

Priyanka Chopra on the Cover of Grazia

PC has smashed it this year on so many fronts – this cover was just one of them. What I love is how easy breezy beautiful this all looks – like she JUST turned up and got the shot straightaway (which probably was the case).  The best thing is that she could amp it up even further if she wants to but filhaal, this is more than enough. Fierce.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Roberto Cavalli

Again, another beautiful lady who makes stunning look simple, I really liked the Cavalli here – event appropriate, show stopping yet quietly elegant, metallics and Ash go together like coffee and cake. I also like how the silver adds a cooling tone in contrast to the warmth of the gold dress she wore at Cannes earlier in the year. Like.

The Vogue India October Issue Cover – Vogue Empower

I love a good magazine cover and the Vogue Anniversary issue never fails to disappoint. I loved everything about this, from the red and white to the sheer amount of star quality that emanated from the newsstand (and which I was only too glad to absorb). It took me a while to notice Ranbir, Aamir and hey, wait, K-Jo??? as I was so entranced by Deepika and Kangana in the same shot. Gorgeous!


Spring 2015 Quarter Preview

So it is adieu to 2014 and namaste 2015! Here are some of the films coming our way that look promising:


Well, this is either going to be a hot mess or something to start the year off with a, er, bang bang. Arjun had a good 2014, Sonakshi not so much but Manoj is always paisa vasool. Let’s see…


The poster for this looks like cray cray meets horror with a soft porn twist but Bips is on hand (in a double role no less) to make it awesome. I’ll be there….alone.



I like Amitabh Bachchan. I like Dhanush. I love R Balki. Fingers crossed for this one!



I genuinely have no idea what this is about but that might not be a bad thing. Also, anything with Ranbir tends to be good, so putting this one solely on him!


Great cast (Nawazuddin, Huma, Divya, Varun), Varun has a beard (bonus point) and Sriram Raghavan always makes a quality product – sold!



The release of this film was moved so if it does make First Quarter 2015, I am there to see it.

Courtesy of: @filmfare (
Courtesy of: @filmfare (


And if you made it down this far… that’s your lot – short and sweet!

Wishing all my readers a very happy and healthy new year, here’s hoping 2015 is your year!



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