Dhoom 3

There are some films that come along and not only redefine their own genre but the entire surrounding cosmos too. Dhoom 3 is certainly not one of these films. Whilst no one is going in expecting to watch a film where everything has to be logical and entirely believable, Dhoom 3 seems to have a dramatic licence made of elastic that never seems to snap, no matter how far it is stretched (along 100 storey buildings in particular). If anything, D3 feels like an imitation of the very franchise that other films (yes Race and Race 2, I’m talking about you) desperately wish to emulate.

The only success here is the technical aspects – the production design, cinematography, lighting, editing, styling all create a look and feel that is polished, confident and appropriate. Sadly, the screenplay seems to have been a free for all with the loudest/most influential/cocky voice winning the scene. So we end up with several different short films all held together by the Dhoom theme (you know – DHOOM MACHALE MACHALE MACHALE) and an unrealised hope that this will all come together in the end (spoiler alert: it doesn’t).

Aamir seems to grin and gurn his way through the film (no doubt caused by that far too revealing skimpy wardrobe and lack of underwear), waiting for someone to challenge him and ask what on earth he is doing. Abhishekh pouts and enunciates to no one in particular whilst hanging off helicopters with no opportunity to advance his reprised character. Uday and Katrina are glorified extras who drop in occasionally when there is a spare frame to fill in – whilst Kat does dance well, her body moves more than her face and this feels more like a contractual obligation than a performance.

I am baffled as to why this was tacked onto the Dhoom franchise as it probably would have made a better film on its own. Worse still, it is a shame that what should have been a complete entertainer and a lot of fun instead came across as a self indulgent and exhausting excuse of a film. A total time pass, Dhoom 3 is style and silliness over substance that one will either buy into or totally reject – a shame that I went ready to buy into it and left empty handed.

Three times the disappointment guaranteed and none of the fun – this Dhoom is dull.


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