Krrish 3

Directed by: Rakesh Roshan

Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranut, Vivek Oberoi

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Contains a few spoilers – you may wish to view the film + revisit this review after if you are not a fan of spoilers!

The Hindi film superhero has come a long way. Well, kind of – our hero of the hour is still a he, wears bondage gear and is still obsessed with finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. But now he can carry buildings and explain scientifically how things come to be and that is where the fun of Krrish 3 lies. Because when this premise works, it does so quite nicely. For instance, the spreading of the antidote is the perfect confluence of what Krrish 3 is capable of – if only it could remain consistent.

Because roadblock ready are lots of explanations, sermonising (“don’t jump off buildings kids!“) and a few pointless songs (though I will forgive the desert song because its beauty lay in the sheer randomness) ready to halt any momentum that the film has amassed. Krrish 3 also has a few problems with characterisation – Priya (our desi Lois Lane) is spunky one moment, passive the next whilst Kaya (my favourite character) just needed love to turn from evil to good. And then we have Krrish who can’t seem to hold down a regular day job but can save the world – clearly this hero doesn’t want to exploit his celebrity for financial security by merchandising those wrist bands…

Performance wise, Roshan is fantastic in his double role, though I preferred him as Rohit. But he gives enough to differentiate the two and when not indulging in nostril gymnastics, gives a solid account. Chopra is sadly wasted and doesn’t seem to engage with Priya, instead giving us what I felt was a perfunctory turn. Oberoi starts well and brings a nice smugness to Kaal but seems to be too serious – some high camp here could have stolen the show. Thank god then for Ranut whose mutant girl was infused with a softness and sympathy that went beyond the call of duty.

Krrish 3 is the perfect Diwali release, what with its light based themes and slight references to the Ramayana. It also interprets its source material of the X Men and The Incredible Hulk quite well so that it makes for a satisfying adaptation  rather than being a straight up imitation. Though I had dreaded Krrish 3 initially, it was a lot better than I had anticipated and when it comes together, is definitely very watchable and entertaining. One hopes the next installment (oh yes, there is going to be a next chapter!) the film takes its own advice and believes in itself fully without feeling the need to compete and compare to others but instead finding its own way to superhero glory.

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