Bogey’s Bollywood Quarterly: Mar -Jun 2013

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Second Quarter Report

Well thank god for that. After a dismal First Quarter, the Second Quarter of 2013 arrived like Seema in Mr India, laden with treats that may not have had any nutritional value but for those starving orphans (and the teary audience) had a nourishment that went beyond a rollercoaster of a sugar rush.  We finally got some entertaining films and the black cloud that loomed on the horizon seems to have been shooed away for now.

So the biggest story was the ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani winning our hearts and the box office – just as the PR assault was reaching tipping point, the film released and swept most of us off our feet, at the right time at the right place as the ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER status proves (which, FYI, must be typed in CAPS whenever used). Not only has YJHD cemented Ranbir’s superstar credentials (well, duh, we all knew that) but has kept Deepika on course for four 100 crore hits in 2013, one in each quarter – seriously, this is so perfect that if I wasn’t a DPad fan, this post would have been a vomcano of vitriol.  (Two points to also note here: 1. 2013 is the year of the DPad 2. Take that Katrina.)

Then came Ranjhanaa, a story of love and obsession that has enthralled and disturbed audiences in equal measure but everyone has agreed the wonderful Dhanush is the highlight of the film, lighting every frame and putting many a current Hindi film hero to shame (yes Imran Khan, I mean you ENTIRELY) with a freshness and confidence that is wonderful to watch as well as encouraging me to watch far more South Indian films that I currently do.

Go Goa Gone

The final major story this quarter is the quiet but significant strides being made by quality films – Go Goa Gone, Ek Thi Daayan and Ghanchakkar  all had respective merits and demerits but importantly, got far more eyeballs than expected by anyone and it is only a matter of time before films of this calibre hit the mark and make that all important shift to putting content at the forefront consistently and maybe even spawning an ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER.

Shortcut Romeo Points:

– @GetFilmy is blogging again! Sir Jesus does answer prayers.

Aashiqui 2 and Bombay Talkies didn’t receive a release in the UK but I acknowledge both were important in the second quarter.

– Ameesha Patel is still getting work, despite crimes against fashion and animals, specifically goats. Reader, we must remain vigilant.

Fashion Round Up (because style matters na)

So the world and its sister sites have all produced reams about who wore what at Cannes and how the nose ring reigned supreme. Whilst no one individual was consistently well dressed, I lay the blame for any carnage on the stylists who clearly treat the event like cramming for an exam the night before it takes place and seem to only read Vogue on the plane journey over to Cannes. To them I say: we have some of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world in our industry, so stop phoning it in and learn how to style properly so that if anyone does have anything to crib about, it is that the representatives of Indian cinema stole the show on the red carpet (NB: getting props for content is currently a work in progress but as this is the fashion segment, one must focus on one’s  priorities people, one’s priorities).

So, now our Fashionista of Quarter 2 goes to [drum roll] Deepika Padukone!  Not content with owning the year 2013, she is spoiling lazy picture editors for choice with amazing looks. I liked this one at the Grazia Young Fashion Awards (on an aside, if this is Young Fashion, does this mean there is also a Mature Fashion Awards – because if there is, Neetu Singh should win).

Also this McQueen jumpsuit which doesn’t work on anyone but for some reason, all I can see is DPad looking fierce.

Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

Also worthy of note is Bebo’s fiercely real no effort summer look that only she can werk to the max(i):

Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

And, steady yourselves everyone – presenting Katrina Kaif  IN CHANGING UP HER HAIR AND MAKING FOR A DECENT MAGAZINE COVER SHOCKER:

Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

Third Quarter – What To Watch Out For

Lootera – I am deliberately trying not to watch this trailer too many times as I really want to be looted by this film. High hopes, high hopes.

Bhaag Mika Bhaag – This looks good – remember how you learnt to ignore Sonam and enjoy Ranjhanaa? Time to work that muscle again.

Ship Of Theseus – I have read so much praise about this film on Twitter and with Kiran Rao helping it to get a mainstream release, I will be making time for it and hope you will too.

Chennai Express – SRK on screen, DPad’s third 100 crore hit IN A ROW in the third quarter (holy perfection Batman), you’ll be seeing this.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara – Dobaara! Again! FFS! Y’all bring the snacks, I’ll bring the bitchy quips (seriously, anyone in London wanting to attend a bitch-a-long, holler at me).

Bullet Raja – Saif, Sonakshi and it releases in September (balanced coverage and all that jazz). Plus, I do want to see it.

Courtesy of: www.
Courtesy of: www.

So there you have it. Second Quarter kicked First Quarter’s ass but then that wasn’t saying much – there is still plenty of scope to push the boundaries and change things up and it is important that creative enterprise is encouraged; this doesn’t mean peddle any old crap and hope it sticks *cough* Shootout At Wadawala *cough* -let’s hope Third Quarter sets us up for a grand finale to finish the year on!


2 thoughts on “Bogey’s Bollywood Quarterly: Mar -Jun 2013

  1. Aiyooo! So agree with everything on DPad. It’s DPad’s year and she’s owning it so far! I’m hoping for the day Katrina marries somebody (preferably not Ranbir) and just goes FAR FAR away. We have the next Queen ready, Kat, please step down.


    1. Egjactly,though to clarify Kat was only Queen Of Diamonds rather than Queen Of our Hearts but yes,not even Dhoom 3 with Aamir mama ji is going to dethrone the Year Of The DPad! 🙂


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