Bogey’s Bollywood Quarterly: Jan – Mar 2013

2013 is turning out to be a strange year, where Bollywood seems to be more cray-cray than usual. First, more popular than botox is the ridiculous obsession with every film that doesn’t make a 100 crore at the box office being termed a failure – irrespective of content. Then there is the plague of the unnecessary sequel/franchise which is clogging up the pipeline as I type. And worse still, nothing but nothing is sacred anymore with any and every film being remade and desecrated with no regard for posterity.

Closer to home, one of my favourite bloggers, the awesome @getfilmy has decided to go on a hiatus to escape the oncoming kalyug. Then Sanjay Dutt has been sent back to jail which is a whole other blog post of its own. And if that wasn’t enough, thanks to the marvellous spoof of the Race 2 trailer (the only 100 crore entrant for 2013 thus far – wait, I’m not supposed to champion that!), I can no longer think of/refer to John Abraham without using the epithet “bag of steroids“.

So I’ve decided to throw in a curveball of my own and present a summary of the first quarter of 2013, so that I can document this moment and make sense of  what feels like the onset of turbulent times. Will this become a quarterly post? Who knows – let’s see how things go.

But I can say for certain, that after a marvellous year of cinema in 2012, it looks like the comedown ain’t going to be pretty folks!


Bogey’s Top Films Of 2013 So Far

You know when you get to a clothing sale too late and all that is left is what everyone else didn’t want or may have missed because they were too hyper to focus? That is how I feel about Jan-Mar 2013 in Hindi cinema. That’s not to say we didn’t have some good films but as a basis for comparison, by this time last year, we had already had Agneepath, Paan Singh Tomar, Kahaani and Agent Vinod  (say what you want, having rewatched it, it is one of Saif’s best films to date) to set the standard. But so far in 2013, there have been only been three films which have shown any sort of longevity/class:

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola – Criminally underrated and totally mislabelled after everyone seemed more concerned with commerce than content, this is definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. Read my review here.

Special 26 – Slim pickings indeed when I have to recommend an Akshay Kumar film – but this was genuinely well written and entertaining and with sequel talk already in the offing, enjoy this before it gets lost in franchise hinterland. Read my review here.

Kai Po Che – Yes, there are too many films on male bonding but if they are done well and offer something different to the canon, I’ll take that over some poor Dil Chahta Hai/Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara wannabe. Read my review here.

Fashion Round Up (because style matters)

After a dull red carpet season all over the world with few high points (yup, Hathaway, “pointing” fingers at you) the fashion highs have come from a rather welcome contender in the first quarter of 2013 – none other than the wonderful Mrs Kareena Kapoor Khan. First there was that awesome Vogue India February 2013 cover:

Picture courtesy of:
Picture courtesy of:

Then came this chic Tom Ford look that has non-fashionistas bewildered but hard core fashionistas applauding her as to elevate this deceptively simple ensemble takes something you can’t buy in stores – ATTITUDE:

Picture courtesy of:
Picture courtesy of:

And you know, from the waist up, I’ll defend this one too.

Picture courtesy of:
Picture courtesy of:

Two other people who worked it like the rent was due included Priyanka Chopra at the Indian MTV VMA in a polarising look (you’ll either get it or not get it), wearing this fun Gauri and Nainika dress which is super event appropriate and is styled to perfection.

Picture courtesy of:
Picture courtesy of:

Next up is Kajol who channels her firebrand and irrepressible personality in her fashion sense, meaning when she gets it right, one is blown away. See below, where at the Manish Malhotra show, she gives a masterclass in pulling focus from Karisma Kapoor and Manish Malhotra.

Picture courtesy of:
Picture courtesy of:

Props also go to the underrrated Sameera Reddy who always looks fashion forward but doesn’t get enough credit because, er…why aren’t we bigging her up again?  Feel free to leave your answer below in the comments.

Picture courtesy of:
Picture courtesy of:

Second Quarter – Films To Look Out For

But fear not people! The year has only begun and all hope is not lost. Here are some of our potential saviours – and remember kids, release dates are always subject to change.

Go Goa Gone – Yes, it has Saif. Yes, I am biased. But this could be a stealth attack on generic crapola like Delhi Belly tried to be in 2011. Fingers crossed!

Bombay Talkies – On screen ego massaging can go one of two ways but offers endless opportunity to lavish praise/snark, so one to look out for.

Aurangzeb – Interesting poster. On the fence about this one.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani – Ranbir, your industry needs you more than ever. First trailer doesn’t suggest a game changer but right now, we’ll take an decent entertainer and all pretend not to be trying to spot awkward moments between Ranbir and Deepika (don’t lie, I know y’all are thinking it too).

Ghaanchakkar – And if all else fails in second quarter, we have the awesomeness that is Vidya Balan waiting in the wings. Dear Vidya, please don’t let us down – what you’ve done so far is awesome and cometh the hour, cometh the superheroine.

Picture courtesy of:
Picture courtesy of:

So that’s what we have to look forward to – let’s hope the tide turns soon; seriously Hindi cinema, I haven’t fought your corner, championed your cause and battled a constant stream of criticism from people who are scared by what you can achieve and keep comparing you to the “other” industry to be fobbed off with nonsense like Himmatwala (yeah, I took it there). Fingers crossed for a better second quarter.


3 thoughts on “Bogey’s Bollywood Quarterly: Jan – Mar 2013

  1. Great summary! I’m also hoping for the hardcore romance genre to bring it with Lootera (even though the trailer music was apparently plagiarized…et tu, Amit Trivedi?) and Ram Leela.


    1. Agreed, Lootera is a highlight for the third quarter of the year and that crucial high summer period whilst Ram Leela is going to rock the fourth quarter meaning DPad will have a hit in every quarter – take that Taran Adarsh! 😉


  2. Cool post!

    Well 2012 was definately a better year it seems. Yet to watch Matru & Special 26 (I am NOT watching Race 2), and Kai Po Che was just awesome!

    And regarding upcoming films, I am looking forward to Ek Thi Daayan, Go Goa Gone, BT & YJHD. Ghanchakkar trailer was disappointing, now lets see if I can watch for Vidya. Then I’m looking forward to some romance. As Ani pointed out Lootera, Ram Leela and I’ll add Raanjhanaa to the list too. And yes, this year totally belongs to Deep. Love that Taran Adarsh line! 😉


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