A Year In Bollywood 2010 – Part Four: My Favourite Soundtracks

One thing I love about Bollywood is that no matter how awful a film might be, you can be sure it will have an awesome soundtrack that will stay with you forever. There are some songs which go beyond the quite frankly rubbish way they are presented on screen and stay in the imagination as well as take on a very personal significance for the listener. At the start of the year, I wonder if any songs will ever appeal to me as I continue to listen to the music from the year gone by as well as my old favourites. Then I might catch a song on the radio, see a promo or hear a song in a random place (last year late one night at a local supermarket, some of the workers played Prem Ki Naiya from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani instead of the regular fare and I have now grown to love that song!) and before you know it, its on my iPod, in my head, playing on loop before carefully taking its place on my permanent playlist.

I didn’t have a favourite film this year, and it is a similar story with the soundtracks of 2010. As for my favourite track of the year, it has to be Tujhe Bhula Diya from Anjaana Anjaani which had me hooked from the first time I heard it. A close runner up would be Noor E Khuda from My Name Is Khan which I didn’t really pay attention to at the time but now love chilling out to it. Another late entry on my single tracks list is Sheila Ki Jawani from Tees Maar Khan which I have been dodging like the plague before I get fatigued from the overplay the song  is receiving – but in any case, its a fun item number. However, the rest of the album didn’t make my list…

Here are my favourite soundtracks of 2010:

Dulha Mil Gaya – The film may have been a miss but the soundtrack wasn’t. I loved the way this album evoked the Nadeem Shravan style of music with the catchy Daler Mehndi title track or the Aaja Aaja Mere Sajaana which is pure early noughties. Akela Dil was flirty and catchy whilst Dilrubaon Ke Jalwe was an underrated qawali that didn’t get its due. The film may have tanked but the soundtrack deserved better.

Chance Pe Dance – The opening beats of Pump It Up gave the trailer for CPD a pulsating vibe pounding with energy. The other standout tracks for me included the dance floor favourite Pe Pe Pein and then the more mellow Pal Mein Hi which was another song that seemed to fall under the radar. Following the awful film/great soundtrack rule, CPD was better heard than seen.

My Name Is Khan – OK, so Noor E Khuda may have been used in the trailer but for me, Sajda was the most accessible track at first. After I saw the film, Tere Naina was my favourite, only recently unseated by Noor E Khuda. All three songs have been used to warm up and cool down in a dance class I attend and it was there I realised how beautiful the lyrics and music really are.  MNIK continues to dominate my chillout playlist and will no doubt survive the test of time.

Karthik Calling Karthik – The twist in the film totally spoiled the soundtrack for me at first and I left this alone for a good while. But eventually two tracks tempted me back – Uff Teri Ada which still gets me jumping like a mad man on the dance floor and Hey Ya which has to be the chuppa rustom of the year (like last year’s Khudaya Ve from Luck that was massively underrated). Another specimen for the crap film/brilliant soundtrack theorem, give this one a second listen now that the film has been forgotten.

Housefull – It was all about Dhanno and making a classic song fun and dance floor friendly for a modern audience. But Housefull had plenty of other gems up its sleeve – O Girl was the perfect song to kick off Summer 2010 whilst I Don’t Know What To Do and Papa Jag Jayega actually had transferred from screen into agreeable audio tracks in their own right. Whilst Dhanno has been overtaken in the item number stakes this year, it remains a disco favourite and a decent tribute in its own right. One of the more fun soundtracks of the year.

Raavan – A.R Rehman = Genius. Ravaan was composed by A.R Rehman, therefore Raavan is brilliant. This was a wonderful soundtrack that meshed seamlessly with the storyline and played a crucial role in the film, with songs carrying the story forward but also working as stand alone tracks. I remember standing at the London premiere to catch a glimpse of the stars attending and for an hour or so, the album was played on loop. That it didn’t get irritating said it all. Ranjha Ranjha still sounds as fresh as the day I heard it whilst Beera and Thok Di Killi on the right day make me feel fearless. Once again, the film was unfairly trashed but the soundtrack was a true diamond in the rough.

I Hate Luv Stories – This film should have irritated me more than it did and though I may not revisit the film for another viewing, the soundtrack was a totally different story. I loved the title track which captured the sound of summer and was a total dance floor entertainer. Jab Mila Tu was the ultimate sing along song (which I have sang along to on an empty underground carriage many times, only getting rumbled once!) whilst Bahara was for running in meadows to or failing that, sighing wistfully whilst standing at the window/balcony. My favourite track was Bin Tere that had me hooked from the first listen and the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan version is a treat in every way. Ignore the misspelling of the title and the film, this soundtrack was like a really nice ice cream on a warm summer’s day.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai – As the year unfolded and the trend for retro style films and music began to take shape, OUATIM was in the right place at the right time. There were three standout tracks for me here – obviously, Pee Loon which had me swooning in the aisles (er…) Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein that was beautifully picturised (a rarity) and sounded mellow and then the item cabaret-tastic Parda (another song that got lost in the item number deluge this year) which captured the spirit of the 70’s films so well and is one song I listen to before a night out to get me in the mood to go out! Fortunately, this was a good film and the soundtrack was the cherry on top of a very tasty cake!

Dabangg – Yes, how could this list not include the film that dominated the year, with a range of tracks from the loud and leery (Humka Peeni Hai and Hud Hud Dabangg) to the roadside romantic (Tere Mast Mast Do Nain and Chori Kiya Re Jiya) this soundtrack had something for everyone. It also provided the anthem and item number of the year in form of Munni Badnaam Hui which will forever be remembered for cheeky lyrics, a nice melody and many memories of good times. What I also liked was the poetic quality of the song that hinted at darker things and the way the song reminded me of Choli Ke Peeche from Khalnayak which had a similar impact in the 90’s. Quite simply, another fun soundtrack and one that will always remind me of 2010.

Anjaana Anjaani – Now, this soundtrack produced my song of the year so of course I am going to love it! There is the peppy Anjaana Anjaani Ki Kahani as well as the power ballad Anjaana Anjaani, then there was the perfect song to drive to which is Hairat whilst Aas Paas can be used as a mellow song or uplifting depending on your mood. However the piece de resistance was Tujhe Bhula Diya which I have listened to five times in a row in one sitting and still could not get enough of. Not a day has passed since I first got hold of the CD and have not listened to this track and I still can’t get enough of it. It is such a shame the film wasn’t up to scratch but this soundtrack will totally outlive the film and still sound good a few years from now.

Band Baaja Baaraat – Now this one was a total surprise – I had heard the track Ainvayi Ainvayi but it was only when I saw it on screen that it came to life. The fusion of rock, bhangra and folk encapsulated caught me off guard and I totally fell for the song in a big way. Baarsi Baarsi reminded me of weddings whilst Aada Ishq was a beautiful ballad that Yashraj can do with their eyes closed. Dum Dum was well picturised (another contradiction!) whilst Tarkeebein was a lovely easy listening song. The album was an undiscovered gem which arrived with no hype and grew on me in a totally organic way. As I haven’t heard this too much, it still feels fresh to me but this is definitely a worthy addition to the 2010 cannon.

Other songs I liked in 2010:

Bheegi Si Bhagey SiRaajneeti

Suno AishaAisha

Gal Mitti Mitti BolAisha

Ishq Ki GalliMilenge Milenge

Ai Khuda Paathshaala

Zindagi Do Pal Ki Kites

AayashiBadmaash Company

Surili Akhiyon Wali Veer

Adhure HumBreak Ke Baad

You And I Pyaar Impossible

Ibn Bututa – Ishqiya

Dil To Bacha Hai Ji – Ishqiya

Zor Ka Jhatka – Actionn Replayy

What was your favourite song of 2010? Post your thoughts below…


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