IIFA 2010 Nominations: Who I Want To Win!!!

I love awards ceremonies. So what if awards season is over? Sometimes, in the excitement of awards season, it easy to forget that there were some very good films in the previous year and with a bit of perspective and other awards ceremonies having tested the waters (so to speak), some results aren’t as satisfactory as they seemed and some films suddenly feel more award worthy than others.

Once again, as it has been for most of the 2009 awards, it is a three-horse race between Paa, 3 Idiots and Love Aaj Kal, all receiving various degrees of critical acclaim and commercial success (or in the case of 3 Idiots, record breaking success!) Overall, most categories are quite tough with no outright winner (much like the early stages of the General Election in the UK!) and it certainly is not easy choosing between favourites and general outstanding achievement. Here are my thoughts on who I would like to see win the IIFA’s:

Best Film

Vidhu Vinod Chopra- 3 IDIOTS
Boney Kapoor- WANTED
Anurag Kashyap & Ronnie Screwvala – DEV D
Vishal Bhardwaj & Ronnie Screwvala- KAMINEY
Sunil Manchanda & AB Corp-PAA

MY WINNER: Vidhu Vinod Chopra- 3 IDIOTS

Not too sure why Wanted is there – yes, it was entertaining but nowhere in the same league as its competitors content wise. 3 Idiots is my choice here, this film as a whole worked on every level and deserves Best Film, hands down.

Best Direction

Rajkumar Hirani- 3 IDIOTS
Anurag Kashyap- DEV D
Ayan Mukerji- WAKE UP SID
Vishal Bhardwaj- KAMINEY
Imtiaz Ali- LOVE AAJ KAL


All well deserved nominations and perhaps one of the toughest categories. I think Paa has the edge with Kaminey and Dev D coming a close second – whilst all the films in this category had their director’s trademarks firmly entrenched on every scene, Paa was for me by far the greatest accomplishment – to forget you are watching Amitabh Bachchan is an impossible feat achieved by Balki.

Performance in a Leading Role – Male

Aamir Khan- 3 IDIOTS
Amitabh Bachchan- PAA
Saif Ali Khan- LOVE AAJ KAL
Salman Khan- WANTED
Shahid Kapoor- KAMINEY
Ranbir Kapoor-WAKE UP SID

MY WINNER: Amitabh Bachchan- PAA

Ok, time for me to get controversial. [deep breath] I love Aamir Khan’s work and thought he was phenomenal in 3 Idiots but this was not his best performance – though he gave 100%, it was the film as a whole I remembered rather than an individual character. However, with Paa, it was about Auro all the way and the fact that many forgot it was Amitabh playing a 13 year old that was the film’s trump card and simply amazing. This one, undoubtedly, must go to Amitabh with Shahid Kapoor getting an honourable mention for his turn in Kaminey – I daresay in any other year, the best actor award would have been his.

Performance in a Leading Role – Female

Kareena Kapoor- 3 IDIOTS
Priyanka Chopra- KAMINEY
Deepika Padukone-LOVE AAJ KAL
Vidya Balan-PAA
Mahie Gill- DEV D

MY WINNER: Vidya Balan-PAA

In terms of a female performance, I am disappointed that the IIFA’s do not have Priyanka Chopra’s 12 roles in What’s Your Rashee under consideration – for me, that was the best female performance last year and miles ahead of the pack. Priyanka has a respectable mention here with her turn in Kaminey which was very good as was Mahie Gill in Dev D. However, this one belongs to Vidya Balan in Paa for a subtle and mature performance that was not overshadowed by Amitabh – something very few manage to achieve.

Performance in Supporting Role- Male

Sharman Joshi- 3 IDIOTS
Irrfan- NEW YORK
R. Madhavan- 3 IDIOTS
Abhimanyu Singh- GULAL
Abhishek Bachchan- PAA
Rishi Kapoor- LOVE AAJ KAL

MY WINNER: Abhishek Bachchan- PAA

Once again, another glaring omission – where in Neil Nitin Mukesh’s nomination for New York? (Surely he was the best thing about the film?) Irrfan is no doubt a talented actor but New York was nowhere near to tapping his potential. I still haven’t see Gulal (shame on me, I know) and again, I loved 3 Idiots but it was a collective rather than an individual effort for me. Abhishek was good in Paa as was Rishi Kapoor in Love Aaj Kal but I liked Abhishek in Paa and for that reason, I would like to see him get this award.

Performance in Supporting Role- Female

Kalki Koechlin- DEV D
Arundhati Naag- PAA
Divya Dutta- DELHI 6
Supriya Pathak- WAKE UP SID
Kirron Kher- KURBAAN

MY WINNER: Divya Dutta- DELHI 6

Now this is more like it. Instead of going for the obvious, we have five varied and memorable performances. Supriya Pathak may not have had much screen time in Wake Up Sid but she still leaves her mark as does Arundhati Naag in Paa. Kalki was amazing in Dev D and Kirron Kher was at once scary and likeable at the same time in one of her darkest roles to date. But Divya Dutta was simply excellent in Delhi 6, playing her role with gutso and totally stealing every scene she was in – this one is for her.

Performance in a Comic Role

Omi Vaidya- 3 IDIOTS
Ajay Devgn- ALL THE BEST
Johny Lever- DE DANA DAN
Sanjay Dutt- ALL THE BEST

Hmm, another tricky category but for the wrong reasons – I am basing my decision on the film that I found funniest – which was 3 Idiots. There is no doubt Omi Vaidya was brilliant, sharing excellent chemistry with the rest of the cast and of course, stealing the show with that speech. Although I still believe the film worked well as a collective effort rather than down to an individual, I think Omi deserves this one with Ajay Devgn in second place.

Performance in a Negative Role

Boman Irani- 3 IDIOTS
Amol Gupte- KAMINEY
Prakash Raj- WANTED
Kay Kay Menon- GULAL
Arya Babbar- JAIL


Was Boman Irani really portraying a negative role in 3 Idiots? I thought his performance was three dimensional and sympathetic. In any case, Amol Gupte has this one in the bag as he was genuinely menacing in Kaminey and put in a rather gritty performance.

Music Direction

Shantanu Moitra- 3 IDIOTS
A.R.Rehman- DELHI 6
Amit Trivedi- DEV D
Vishal Bharadwaj- KAMINEY


This is one fiercely contested category with both Kaminey and Delhi 6 being front runners for my vote. I think Delhi 6 has the edge as the album is so eclectic and still sounds fresh as it did on the first listen. Kaminey also sounds good as does Love Aaj Kal and 3 Idiots but I felt Delhi 6 is ahead of the pack.

Best Story

Abhijat Joshi,Raj Kumar Hirani & Vidu Vinod Chopra- 3 IDIOTS
Ayan Mukherji- WAKE UP SID
Anurag Kashyap & Vikramaditya Motwane- DEV D
Imtiaz Ali- LOVE AAJ KAL
R.Balki- PAA

MY WINNER: Abhijat Joshi,Raj Kumar Hirani & Vidu Vinod Chopra- 3 IDIOTS

Man, these awards certainly don’t pull any punches in most categories! All of these films had interesting stories to tell with unique treatment but 3 Idiots was the best in my eyes as the film had many interesting strands that tied up nicely and resonated with audiences worldwide.

Best Lyrics

Swanand Kirkire- 3 IDIOTS
Prasoon Joshi- DELHI 6
Irshad Kamil- LOVE AAJ KAL
Amitabh Bhattacharya- DEV D


I wonder how one judges lyrics – is there a criteria that makes one song better than another? In any case, Kaminey wins the day with some brilliant songs, in particular, Dhan Te Nan which threw everyone at first but has now become a dance floor classic – fantastic.

Playback Singer-Male

Shaan- Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh – 3 IDIOTS
Mohit Chauhan- Masakali – DELHI 6
Sonu Nigam- Aal Izz Well – 3 IDIOTS
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan-Aaj Din Chaddiya – LOVE AAJ KAL
Sukhvinder Singh & Vishal Dadlani- Dhan Te Nan – KAMINEY

MY WINNER: Sukhvinder Singh & Vishal Dadlani- Dhan Te Nan – KAMINEY

Oh, this is not fair, can I choose them all??? It just goes to show what a good year we had for film last year when it gets harder and harder to choose what film to award. Previously, I would have said Masakali but now feel Dhan Te Nan deserves the IIFA only because it seems to be a rather underrated song.

Playback Singer- Female

Shreya Ghoshal- Zoobi Doobi  – 3 IDIOTS
Kavita Seth- Ek Tara  – WAKE UP SID
Rekha Bharadwaj- Genda Phool  – DELHI 6
Sunidhi Chauhan – Chor Baazari – LOVE AAJ KAL
Shilpa Rao- Mudi Mudi – PAA
Tulsi Kumar-Hafiz Khuda – 8X10 TASVEER

MY WINNER: Shilpa Rao- Mudi Mudi – PAA

I really like Hafiz Khuda from 8×10 Tasveer but the silky tones of Mudi Mudi are too hard to resist and is the song I would love to win this award. Having said that, I wouldn’t be too upset if any of the songs won this one as all the female singers, like their male counterparts , do a fantastic job.


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