Happy Xmas!

Merry Christmas readers! As regular readers may have noticed, I haven’t been posted at all for a while and the reason for this is I’ve been working on setting up a website called www.gorafied.com (visit it when you get the chance!) which is all about Bollywood from a Brit-Asian perspective and uniquely, gives two opinions on the latest releases and needless to say, these two opinions are not always in synch! The site contains reviews, previews, features and a forum and I will be writing reviews for it regularly so please add to your blog roll/favourites!

In the meantime, the end of 2009 has crept up on us and what a year it’s been for Bollywood! Starting off with Chandni Chowk To China, then Delhi 6 and Billu, then the awful strike (that reminds me of New Moon – when Edward leaves Bella for a few months, that is how the Bollywood multiplex strike felt!) and then since then, we’ve had some very good films (Love Aaj Kal, Kaminey, Paa, Rocket Singh) and some awful ones (Do Knot Disturb, Blue, and I’ll get told off for this but here goes – Dil Bole Hadippa). Just like last year, I’ll be doing my round up of the year with who had a good year and who didn’t, my  favourite soundtracks and my favourite films of the year – all coming soon!

I’ve also uploaded some of the reviews here  that I’ve done for Gorafied of some of the major releases over the past few months, so make sure you check those out!

Happy reading!



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