Filmfare Awards 2009

If there was an award for Award Ceremonies, giving the Oscars and Golden Globes and BAFTA’s a close run for the top gong would be the Filmfare Awards. Once a public event, now a private one which only invites the select few from the industry (700 to be precise), the Filmfare awards has come on leaps  and bounds from the days where the winner would take ages to get on stage or we would see some hideous red carpet apparel (actually, that still happens).  But just like its videshi (foreign) counterparts, the Filmfare awards are just as likely to surprise us with a “WTF” award as well as the “I knew that” award.

This year certainly pulled a few surprises on us. Whilst many assumed it would be a straight up phillum off between the badshah Shah Rukh and the Emperor Aamir (who gave the biggest hits of the year and of their careers and in Aamir’s case, in Bollywood history [phew!] all back to back [someone fetch me my smelling salts – the over-achievement!]), neither film dominated the major categories.  Instead, we had a rather mixed bag this year – a few well deserved (Jodhaa Akbar and Fashion) and a few  shocks (ie Ghajini/RNBDJ don’t sweep the board shocker!)

Of course, no commentary on an awards ceremony would be no fun without another opinion so I’ve invited guest blogger Aatif to share his thoughts on the winners too – think more E! Entertainment double act rather than, erm, Eurovision. By the way, you can read more of Aatif’s work on his blog:

So, ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the 54th Filmfare Awards are:


Best Movie: Jodha Akbar


Aatif: Great movie, but was it really the more entertaining than mega-grossers DostanaRNBDJ or Ghajini?

Bogeyno2: I would have liked RNBDJ to win it but strangely don’t mind JA winning it.

Best Director: Ashutosh Gowarikar for Jodha Akbar


Aatif: The underdog triumps and rightfully so, an epic-tale on an epic-scale. Beautiful to watch.

Bogeyno2: I don’t think AG deserved this, especially with Adi Chopra on form

Best Actor in a Leading role (Male): Hrithik Roshan for Jodhaa Akbar


Aatif: Well deserved but whatever happenned to Aamir vs Shahrukh???

Bogeyno2: Agree with Aatif here, and also I think Naseerudin Shah was overlooked

Best Actor in a Leading role (Female): Priyanka Chopra for Fashion


Aatif: Can’t argue with that. Hard luck to the two debutantes, though I’m sure their time will come.

Bogeyno2: I haven’t seen it yet (I know, I know) so it’ll be interesting for me to see how this performance compares with Dostana but am pleased for Priyanka as 2008 was her year.

Best Actor in Supporting Role (Male): Arjun Rampal for Rock On!


Aatif: Can’t argue with that. Hard luck to the two debutantes, though I’m sure their time will come.

Bogeyno2: He seemed to sleepwalk his way through this role – not really award worthy.

Best Actor in Supporting Role (Female): Kangana Ranaut for Fashion


Aatif: The heroine-addicted character was far more engrossing than most of the heroines. Well deserved.

Bogeyno2: A spirited performance no doubt but Bips or Shahana would have been a nice surprise.

Critic Awards

Best Actress: Shahana Goswami for Rock On!

Aatif: Typical of the critics to try and seem deep, brooding and unconventional rather than acknowledging mainstream successes.

Bogeyno2: Agree with this one, she was quite good though Arjun slept through her performance!

Best Actor: Manjit Singh for Oye Lucky! Lucy Oye!

Aatif: Haven’t seen it. Doesn’t engage me. Not interested. Don’t care.

Bogeyno2: Haven’t seen it but it is on my viewing list!

Best Jury Award: Nishikant Kamat for Mumbai Meri Jaan

Aatif: Great movie, deserved to be honoured, possibly not on this scale though.

Bogeyno2: Haven’t seen, can’t say

Special Jury Mention:

Prateik Babbar – Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na

Purab Kohli – Rock On!

Aatif: Fair enough…isn’t it getting a bit much in terms of recognising everyone? Aren’t awards supposed to honour one in many??


Hmmm,  will keep readers happy no doubt but why didn’t Purab Kohli get a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category?



Best Music Director: A R Rahman for Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na

Aatif: He could have won this award for any number of his scores this year. JTYJN is a fair choice.

Bogeyno2: I felt JA was a stronger overall OST

Best Lyrics: Javed Akhtar for Jashn-e-Bahara (Jodha Akbar )

Aatif: KK and Rashid Ali a bit hard done by. All that airplay just hasn’t translated…oh well, at least the royalty cheques will still fly in.

Bogeyno2: I agree with this one, the lyrics were gorgeous

Best Playback Singer (Male): Sukhwinder Singh for Haule haule (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi)

Aatif: Love the song. The only choice I wholeheartedly agree with.

Bogeyno2:I would have been livid if this song didn’t get some kind of recognition!

Best Playback Singer (Female): Shreya Ghoshal for Teri ore… (Singh is Kinng)

Aatif: A brilliant singer who deserves to be honoured every year! Nice song too…

Bogeyno2: Credit to her for being able to match Rahat Fateh Ali Khan but there were better female vocalists this year – where was the nomination for Sunidhi Chauhan????

R D Burman Upcoming Talent: Benny Dayal for Ghajini

Aatif: Benny Who?

Bogeyno2: Kaise Mujhe from Ghajini still has an impact on me – this guy can sing.

Best Story: Abhishek Kapoor for Rock On! 

Aatif: A fair choice – but what the hell is a Best Story award?


Bogeyno2: Was it really a great story? It was more about treatment I thought. Would have liked RBNBDJ or even Ghajini to get this one

Best Screenplay: Yogendra Vinayak Joshi, Upendra Sidhaye for Mumbai Meri Jaan


Good movie, but other, more successful movies might have had a case for this one.


Bogeyno2: Haven’t seen, can’t say

Best Dialogue: Manu Rishi for Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Aatif: Oye Lucky? Really…?

Bogeyno2: Oi, I ain’t seen it, innit

Technical awards

Best Background Score: A R Rahman for Jodha Akbar

Aatif: Having a phenomenal year, could have won for many of his efforts this year.

Bogeyno2: His best of the year, no contest.

Best Costume : Manoshi Nath for Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Aatif: Jodha Akbar actually overlooked? I bet the guys at Van Hausen were gutted the colourful Aamir Khan in Ghajini didn’t win them this one…

Bogeyno2: How could JA be overlooked – it is still influencing fashion!!!!

Best Cinematography: Jason West for Rock On!  – Agree



Aatif: An interesting choice, though not necessarily an inaccurate one.


Bogeyno2:Well deserved, this helped make the film what it was.


Best Sound Design: Vinod Subramanyam for Rock On!

Aatif: A movie about a rock band winning a sound award. How cliche…but appropriate.

Bogeyno2: Er…rock on?

Best Choreography : Longines for Pappu Can’t Dance Sala . ( Jaane Tu…) 

Aatif: Love it. Nightclubs around the UK have various Pappus demonstrating the aptness of this song! What the hell, I’m one of them…

Bogeyno2: Good song but there wasn’t much choreography in this one – Haule Haule should have got this one

Best Editing: Amit Pawar for Mumbai Meri Jaan

Aatif: Again, some of the big guns can feel a bit peeved for being overlooked, but Filmfare needs to appease the “underground” choices of critics.

Bogeyno2: Can’t say, haven’t seen

Best Production Design: Vandan Kataria and Monica Angelica Bhowmick for Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Aatif: At least 10  movies more worthy…what is the big deal with this ridiculously-titled movie? Might actualy have to watch it now…

Bogeyno2: Like Aatif, am going have to move this up the viewing list!

Best Action: Peter Hein for Ghajini

Aatif: A Best Action Award? Seriously? If this award has to exist, I suppose Ghajini is the only movie worthy of it.

Bogeyno2: Good action here, love the running sequences – go get him Aamir!

Best Visual Effects Award: John Deitz for Love Story 2050

Aatif: An award that makes a bit more sense and the right result too. After all Visual Effects was about the only thing this flick had going for it.

Bogeyno2: Yes, great effects, lame film. Let this be a lesson to filmmakers everywhere.

Best Sensational Debut (Male): Farhan Akhtar and Imraan Khan 

Aatif: So now we’re not even limiting awards to one person now? They’re both young and worthy, but their time to win genuine awards will come.

Bogeyno2: Imraan deserves this more than Farhan as Imraan gave a better performance.

Best Sensational Debut (Female): Asin Thottumkal for Ghajini 


Aatif: She’s so hot they should give her all the awards.


Bogeyno2: Another Sridevi in the making? Let’s hope she is as good in all her other films.

Sony Filmfare Best Scene Award: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Aatif: Loved that scene – this is an award I actually like. Honouring fleeting moments of brilliance!


Bogeyno2: If it is the scene talking to the mannequin, then yes, well deserved.

Lifetime Achievement Award :Bhanu Athaiya, Om Puri\

Aatif: Surely they’re both significant enough to be honoured seperately???

Bogeyno2: About time Om Puri was recognised!


Aatif: A mixed bag, far too many awards being handed out. Surely that’s not the best way to build prestige??? An anti-climax for the Aamir vs Shahrukh feud. Nothing for Dostana and only token awards for RNBDJ/Ghajini.

Bogeyno2: Nice that the usual suspects didn’t walk off with all the glory  but still felt a little too safe. Agree with Aatif – less is definitely more when it comes to awards ceremonies!

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