A Year In Bollywood – Part Four

Right, so with one day left to go till 2008 is over, despite the fact that I still haven’t seen Ghajini (I know, I know, unacceptable but in my defence, not only has the holiday season been busy, I’ve had to go to work, the film is not showing near me, its freaking cold and I’ve started watching The Wire – Season 1 boxset and am addicted – there, you happy now?) . Anyway, before looking at the films and actors to watch out for in 2009, here are my ten favourite albums of the year (in no particular order, as I really can’t decide!)

images2Race Race sasson ki, race dhadkhan ki…with a title song so catchy you need medication to satisfy that itch, Race was one OST that needed to be listened to over and over again. There was the party anthem Rock The Dancefloor, the sultry Khwab Deke, the sexy Zara Zara Touch Me (i’ve already covered the Dhoom 2 parallels – see my earlier post from June) and then the piece de resistance – Pehli Nazar Mein which still sounds good and was many a first dance at weddings across the globe this year. Whatever you may think of Pritam, this album kicked ass.

images-16Tashan – There is a momentary pause as the camera cuts to a deep blue sea – and a size zero Kareena Kapoor emerges out of the water looking ethereal in a bikini which gives away more than anyone in the cinema expected. Yup, this was the film which had style oozing out of every available inch of the screen and the soundtrack was equally as eclectic as the film. Leaving aside the annoying character speeches, the songs were quite decent. Tashan Mein was a catchy title song, Dil Haara was fun, Chaliyaa brought sound and visuals together with style, Dil Dance Maare had us smiling indulgently whilst Falak Tak had a nice rock vibe to it which seemed to characterize a lot of the albums in the top ten this year. If you haven’t heard this yet, for whatever reason, give it a go, it was an underrated soundtrack (as for the film – well, don’t go out of your way to watch it but it won’t do you any harm!)

images-22Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na – Oh, that A.R. Rehman fella is clever, ‘in’t he? The guy literally cannot strike a wrong note, even if he was bashing a spoon against a table (easier said than done). What more can be said about the delightful Kabhie Kabhe Aditi which was my anthem for the Summer 2008. Rarely does a song come along with healing properties which make a crap day seem not so bad in under 4 minutes. Then there was Pappu Can’t Dance, rumoured to be based on Salman Khan but Pappu is the new urban legend for Bollywood lovers, smelling of Gucci and armed with an MBA! There were also the quieter tracks on the album which didn’t make the film initially but were a joy to listen anyway, capturing teen angst perfectly.

images-32Bachna Ae Haseeno – I remember when I first heard the title track, I was late for work as I swore at the radio – how dare they destroy this gem of a track! Fast forward to three months later, this time I’m late as I walk round the block again so that I can hear the song in full! This is one OST that grew on me stealth like and replaced Race as my must listen to on loop album. There was the airy Ahista Ahista, the sexy Lucky Boy, the brilliant Jogi Mahi, the not so bad after a few times Small Town Girl plus that catchy title track that plays every time one sees an attractive girl walk by (well, it does in my head).

images-41Singh Is King – A contreversial one I know, as some of the tracks like the Bas Ek King and the party track which I like to skip everytime are two minus points for this album. But then there are some really good songs too. I loved Bhootni Ke, which still makes me laugh as does the ‘Poonjabi‘ in the Snoop Dogg SIK song. Plus, I liked Jee Karda as the upbeat peppy number in the film and of course, who can forget the gorgeous Teri Ore rendered flawlessly by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Goshyal. So the film may have been a one time watch but the soundtrack is worth another few listens.

images-52Dostana – As soon as those beeps start in Shut Up and Bounce, like Kareena in Tashan, you picture John Abraham coming out of the water and another hybrid song/picturisation is born. Dostana may have been a late entry in the year but boy was it worth the wait. With six amazing tracks, I have to confess, for one week, I didn’t listen to anything else except this – sad I know but that’s how much I liked it. There was Jaane Kyun, the musical equivalent of a hug, Desi Girl for the teeny boppers, Maa Da Laadla to make us laugh in the vein of Bhootni Ke, Shut Up And Bounce making us erm, shut up and bounce, Khabar Nahin helping us come down from the high and Kuch Kum, another one to apply the brakes to all the excitement. That the film was good too is irrelevant – the soundtrack rocked.

images-62Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – Another late entry, that contained a prophetic song Haule Haule, telling us love would happen slowly and lo, behold – it did. Haule Haule greets you like a new friend you feel you’ve known for ages, Dance Pe Chance is a fun peppy number whilst Phir Milenge is a pleasant surprise. Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hain is unashamedly Yashraj and all the better for it as no one does music and matching visuals like they do.

images-72Jodhaa Akbar – A.R Rehman’s first offering for the year still sounds as impressive as the first time. Jashan E Bahara is still on my list of chill out tunes as is the soothing Khwaja Mere Khwaja. I am still finding new levels In Lamhon Ke Daman on every listen and Azeem Shahenshah and Mann Mohana may not be the tracks I listen to all the time but when I do, I am transported back to the first time I heard them. This album really will stand the test of time and was one of the highlights of 2008.

images-82Rock On! – Rock as a genre in Hindi films was always going to be really naff or really good and thank god this soundtrack proved the latter. Like nearly all the films on this list, the songs contained the soul the film in its songs and whenever you hear the songs, you are reminded of the characters like they are real people you’ve met. The title song has become an anthem of sorts, whilst Sinbad the Sailor and Pichle Saat Din were decent songs. The word different really does get used quite a lot but this truly was the “different” album of the year.

Ghajini – So I haven’t seen the film but if the soundtrack is anything to go by, I hope the film matches up to it! My fave track has to be Guzarish which makes it three entries for A R Rehman in my top ten. It’s official – the man is a genius!images-92


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