Aamir Khan’s new look in Ghajini

In recent years, as Bollywood works towards becoming a more, ahem, streamlined industry, before a film becomes a must watch, there are now must see trailers and promo pics which crank the ol’ hype machine into life and become almost as sought after as a ticket to the film itself. One case in point is Aamir Khan’s look in his upcoming film Ghajini (which has a tentative release date of 23rd Dec 2008 at time of press). When Aamir revealed his shaven head earlier this year, the picture was one of the most sought after (and still attracts a lot of searches and hits on its own).

But the new picture, showing a beefed up, shaven headed, tattoed Aamir is the hot topic conversation for Bollywood fans everywhere. For those that have seen the film Memento with Guy Pearce, the picture may seem a tad familiar but for those who haven’t it certainly is an interesting picture to behold, giving away lots and nothing at the same time.

That our Aamir is a trendsetter is old news but it will be interesting to see how Joe Public will seek inspiration from this look. Aamir certainly deserves kudos for the way he embraces a new look for each of his roles and this new look is certainly a welcome relief from the usual where radical is sporting a darker shade of brown highlight.

It does make one think, if one picture from the film can create so much excitement, what will happen when the film releases? Looks like 2008 is not going to end quietly in Bollywood – not that we would want it to!

One thought on “Aamir Khan’s new look in Ghajini

  1. I agree! Amir deserves much credit for really throwing himself into the role, not to mention, put in the hours at the gym! Looking very scary!


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