First Look: Dostana

Even though November may seem like a long way off (its the end of August right now), it is never to early to start creating interest in an upcoming film and the makers of Dostana have done just that, with a glossy, colourful trailer with a twist. Well, a twist in content I should say – read on to find out more…

As the opening bars of the instrumental version of Kal Ho Naa Ho‘s title track play whilst flying over Miami, Dharma Productions through captions, remind us of the four back to back hits they have produced: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kal Ho Naa Ho and Kabhie Alvida Naa Kehna (eagle eye readers will have noticed a K fixation here. Yes there is one as it is considered lucky by the makers. Simple as.) With a glorious run like that, the trailer now has your attention as they present another eternal love story. Cue John Abraham and Abisheik Bachchan, both dolled up in tuxes dancing…with each other? Cue worried titters from the audience – it must be a joke na?

Relief filters in as the captions guide us, telling us this is a story of two guys, one girl (so far, so KHNH). SO our two lads are Abhi and John – we see Abhi styled like an extra from Miami Vice (the recent version) and John styled in erm, Daniel Craig trunks in fluroscent yellow emerging from the water and Baywatch red shorts sprinting across beaches. Our girl? A glorious panning shot reveals Priyanka Chopra in a shiny pearl swimsuit looking ethereal. But barely have we nudged the person next to us exclaiming how fierce our girl Priyanka looks, the caption tells us our twosome are telling a lie with the only dialogue in the trailer: “Hum gay hain. Yeh mera boyfriend hain!” [We are gay – this is my boyfriend] exclaims John with Abisheik sitting next to him.

At this point, the audience erupts. Some people laughed and watched with interest. Some of the older generation made disapproving faces and tsked whilst others didn’t react at all. (some may ask how did I know all of this if i was watching the trailer – not only was the cinema packed out and crowded so I could hear the heavy breathing of the uncle ji sat next to me, in front of me, two teeny boppers were beside themselves with excitement). The trailer then shows John and Abisheikh in many a compromising position with each other whilst Priyanka is the third wheel. “Believe it!” instructs the trailer as it concludes.

So, will this be the first mainstream Bollywood movie to feature a gay relationship? Yes, Kal Ho Naa Ho poked fun at the idea of two heroes having a gay relationship but it would be in poor taste if the whole film was built upon this idea the whole thing is a supposed “joke”. Also this film will clearly be a talking point for months to come and with three commercial stars, will be hard to ignore.What will be more interesting is to see how the audiences will react – if the audience I was sitting with was any indication, we should be in for an interesting ride.

If people aren’t discussing the gay angle, they are talking about how hot Priyanka and John looks – whilst poor Abi is being singled out as not being up to scratch. This seems unfair – do all Bollywood actors really need six packs and huge muscles/toned tummies to act? Surely their performances are more important? True, we all bitch when a heroine or hero shows a hint of a flab and it seems quite right that men are now expected to look as good as their heroines but surely this should start with the styling? (which BTW looks like it has captured the Miami flavour nicely!) I say leave off Abi, wait till the film comes out, if his weight affects his performance, then crib!

So, the gay angle, two buff bodies – oh, and did I mention Shilpa Shetty will be doing an item song in this film? No further details have been released but we can expect the next batch of trailers to shed light on the type of song it’ll be and get a glimpse of Shilps in action. With lots of big films gearing up for release at the end of the year (SRK’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Akshay’s Chandni Chowk to China, Aamir in Ghajini) and Abi and Priyanka’s Drona releasing close to this film, it looks like Dostana is one film a lot of people will be looking forward to and the trailer has certainly whetted our appetites!

Check out the trailer:


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