First Look: Fashion


Directed by Madhur Bhandakar

Starring: Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranuat, Mugdha Godse, Arjan Bajwa

It really is so unlike me to get excited over a trailer (aah, who am I kidding, I’m TOTALLY the sort of person to get excited over a film trailer!!!) and this time its combining two of my fave things: Bollywood and fashion. Fashion (the name of the film) has got me in a tizzy, creeping up on me stealth like but now totally on my list of faves. I first saw the trailer on but it wasn’t the best quality so I didn’t think much of it. However, seeing it on the big screen when I went to see Kismat Connection, seeing it as it was meant to be seen has given it a whole new dimension.

Telling us that in fashion, one has to give more than one’s morals, we see Priyanka asked if she wants to be a model. “Model nahin – Supermodel“is this feisty chick’s reply as the music kicks in and we are shown Priyanka, Kangana and Mugdha looking supermodelly and strutting and pouting for India. As the trailer comes to an end, with Priyanka sat in front of the sunset, smoking (OMG! A heroine smoking? Never!) lamenting how all changes in the fashion industry, we know a must watch film is in the offing.

Firstly, Priyanka looks good. I’ll be honest, until Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, I was not really a Priyanka fan and the only film I have liked of hers was Don but this film could push me into fully fledged fan. Hopefully doing more than just the modeling shots we see in the trailer (though being a die hard fan of America’s Next Top Model, that kind of stuff always looks fun) it would be good to see if Priyanka can carry a film on her shoulders and take her career to the next level. Secondly, Kangana Ranut (who I do like) is a fantastic actress and also looks mind blowing in the trailer. Plus with the debut of supermodel Mugdha Godse, we can be assured that this will be one pretty film to behold!

However, what looks set to raise this above the standard style over substance fare is one Mr Madhur Bhandakar. I remember watching Chandani Bar with no expectations and being totally blown away by it. Pulling no punches, the film showed how a simple girl falls into the seedy world of bar dancing, and was relentlessy dark, giving the character (and the audience) no respite, and fully exploited the talented Tabu in one of her best roles. Following this film was Satta, which had a very convincing performance from the average Raveena Tandon, and proved Madhur as a top notch director. Though I havent caught his subsequent films Corporate and Traffic Signal, they are on my viewing lists, simply because Madhur knows how to tell a story. In addition, though his films may be women centric often dispensing with the need for a mainstream hero (nice to see someone challenging convention here) this never gets in the way of the film and often leaves the audience wanting more films in this vein.

With cameos from Karan Johar, Manish Malhotra and Arbaaz Khan lined up, the ball has definitely started rolling for Fashion promotion campaign. It may also be the film to satisfy our post Sex and The City cravings (if the product placement is anything to go by – even the trailer features a plug for lingerie brand La Perla) until they start work on the sequel. Also slated to release on the same day as Taran Mansukhani’s Dostana on the 14th November, Fashion looks set to see out 2008 in style.

Check out the trailer for yourself and post your thoughts on it!

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