Box Office Analysis

If I was a professor or a teacher of a course of study on Bollywood (Dr Bogey if you will), June 2008 would be one of the months I would pick to demonstrate the mixed messages Bollywood gives when it comes to deciphering box office results. With one group of websites declaring some films to be hits and others to be flops, another group will then go and declare the opposite, leaving fans confused as to the actual fate of the film. Most people would agree the sign of a hit film from the box office point of view is a film that recovers its costs and then makes a profit, with the degree of profit made determining the hit status. For instance, when a film is sold at an expensive price to distributors, this raises the bar in terms of how much profit the film needs to make to be classed as a solid hit.

With this thought in mind, it is quite surprising many sites declaring Sarkar Raj to be a flop, especially as the film appears to have made its money back and courtesy of Mr Amitabh Bachchan and Ram Gopal Verma’s respective blogs, the figures confirm this (no surprise there maybe but facts are facts!). So perhaps it is safe to say Sarkar Raj is a hit. Other June releases include Haal-E-Dil, Aamir, and Mere Baap Pehle Aap, with Aamir proving the rock steady film of the moment, Mere Baap… still finding its feet with the next few weeks crucial to its box office status and Haal-E-Dil a box office flop with few takers for the film. Meanwhile, Jannat has overtaken Race to become the most profitable film of the year. Although Race may have made more money, it was also a bigger budget film whilst Jannat was made on a smaller budget and has brought back more money, hence receiving its super hit status.

At the time of going to press, Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic has had a poor opening but may possibly pick up over the next few weeks (check out my review of the film below) thanks to a positive critical response and word of mouth trade. It will face stiff competition in July with two new films hitting the marquee next week, including Janne Tu…Ya Janne Na and Love Story 2050 all set to battle it out at the box office (see the preview above) and Mehbooba, God Tussi Great Ho and Mission Istanbul all big budget movies set to hit the marquee over July. As always, it is the audiences who are set to win with a variety of choice but this is not always a good thing as quantity over quality can prove detrimental to all. Here’s hoping that we are treated to some quality films this summer!


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